Residency Grants: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our residency program can’t accommodate children on site. May we still apply?
A: Yes! Many of the programs we’ve funded don’t allow the children to be in residence, but they offer other solutions that still make it easier for a parent to attend.

Q: Can our organization apply for funds to support artists already in residence? Or artists who have been selected/accepted but have not yet arrived?
A: No. Our program is designed to create new opportunities for parent artists and writers and to encourage organizations to promote themselves and their program to parents.

We understand that our grant cycle may not align well with your organization’s residency cycle and applaud organizations that take the initiative in welcoming parent residents without the guarantee of our funding.

Q: Can our organization apply for general operating funds?
A: No. This program is designed to encourage new opportunities specifically for parent artists and writers.

Q: Can our organization include administrative costs in our proposal?
A: Yes, but these should be at most a small portion of your proposed budget. We’d much prefer that organizations “match” our funds with their own commitment of funds and resources to support their proposed program.

Q: Can our organization include travel costs for the resident in our proposal?
A: Offering a travel stipend is often helpful to a parent resident and can be a way to extend an organization’s reach; that said, we’re less inclined to fund proposals with a significant travel budget. Also, organizations requesting travel funds should have a plan for what to do with any money that isn’t used due to a local artist attending (we are happy to accept a return).

Q: Our organization has previously received funding from SAF; are we eligible to apply again?
A: Yes! Please be sure that you complete our follow-up report in advance of this application deadline.

Q: Our proposal is only available to alumni or previous residents; are we eligible to apply?
A: Yes, but know that we are looking for ways to broaden the reach of residency programs and so limiting these opportunities to alumni and previous residents restricts that goal.

Q: Can non-U.S. organizations apply?
A: Yes, but please contact us before submitting an application.

Further Questions
If you have any questions as you prepare your proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail.