2022 Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce our 2022 Awardees.

Chosen from a field of nearly 2,000 applicants, these twenty artists and writers come from fifteen U.S. cities, South Africa, Germany, and Spain; they are parenting thirty-eight children.

As one put it, “To attempt art when there are so many other demands on my time and energy would feel foolish if it weren’t also life-saving.”

For us, it is life-affirming, inspiring, and motivating. We hope you will seek out their work.

We would like to extend our appreciation to all who took the time to apply, and to our jurors, without whom we could not do this work.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding artists and writers!

2022 Awards ($5,000 each)

Harumi Abe, Painting
Demetri Broxton, Mixed Media
Marjorie Gabrielle Celona, Fiction
Tony Michael de los Reyes, Painting
Sarah Domet, Fiction
Violeta Garcia-Mendoza, Poetry
Melody S. Gee, Creative Nonfiction
Romy Natalia Goldberg, Children’s Books
Patrice Gopo, Children’s Books
Rebecca Hazelton, Poetry
Aubrey Hirsch, Graphic Memoir
Thomas Holton, Photography
Kristen Iskandrian, Fiction
Tamara Kostianovsky, Fiber Arts and Textiles
Christian Loriel Lucas, Fiction
Kate McQuade, Fiction
Elisa Ortega Montilla, Sculpture
Evan Roth, Installation
Dannielle Tegeder, Painting
Barbara Wildenboer, Book Arts

2022 Finalists

Andrew Alba, Painting
Elyse Arring , Young Adult Fiction
Mary Babcock, Fiber Arts and Textiles
Jung Hae Chae, Creative Nonfiction
Teresa Dunn, Painting
Stacy Austin Egan, Young Adult Fiction
Jenny Kemp, Painting
Kathya Maria Landeros, Photography
Gimbiya Lim, Early and Middle Grade Readers
Jami Nakamura Lin, Creative Nonfiction
Sahar Muradi, Poetry
Charlotte Pence, Creative Nonfiction
Nicole Lozano Simonsen, Fiction
Emily Sudd, Ceramics
Oluwatoyin Tella, Painting
KC Trommer, Poetry
Winnie Truong, Drawing
Kate Vieira, Creative Nonfiction
Jan-Ru Wan, Installation
Annie Woodford, Poetry

For more details about our winners, visit our Awardees page.