2019 Award Winners

We are thrilled to announce our 2019 Award winners.

Chosen from a field of over 1,100 applications, these twenty artists and writers come from nineteen US cities and Berlin; they are parenting thirty-four children. These artists and writers are making work that is urgent and timely, thoughtful and transformative; their creativity inspires us, and we hope you will seek out their work.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding artists and writers!

2019 Awards ($5,000 each)

Cathy Akers, Sculpture
Tatiana Arocha, Mixed Media
Tomiko Breland, Fiction
Clara Broermann, Painting
Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Poetry
Delphine Hennelly, Painting
Nicole Homer, Poetry
Terri Leker, Fiction
Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Painting
Jen Palmares Meadows, Creative Nonfiction
Yevgenia Nayberg, Illustrated Children's Books
Molly Patterson, Fiction
Theresa Pfarr, Painting
Pamela Kristine Santos, Poetry
Amy Schissel, Drawing
Sanjay Vora, Painting
Sara Moore Wagner, Poetry
Sara Wallace, Poetry
Ye Chun, Fiction
Anonymous, Creative Nonfiction

2019 Finalists

Tony Chirinos, Photography
Jason Joseph Cytacki, Painting
Sarah Domet, Fiction
Lydia Fitzpatrick, Fiction
Derrick Harriell, Poetry
Rebecca Hazelton, Poetry
Brittany Nicole Helmick, Poetry
Elissa C Huang, Fiction
S. Kim, Poetry
Jingjing Lin, Installation
Magda Love, Painting
Chloe Martinez, Poetry
David Philip Mullins, Fiction
Danica Marie Phelps, Drawing
Tana Terese Quincy Arcega, Painting
Mandy Rogers Horton, Mixed Media
Tyra Jade Shackleford, Fiber Arts and Textiles
Reena Shah, Fiction
Jodi Stuart, Sculpture
Dannielle Tegeder, Painting

For more details about our winners, visit our Awardees page.