Alliance of Artists Communities Residency Directory
A comprehensive residency directory that includes the ability to filter for residencies that offer support for spouses/partners/children.

Artist Parent Index
An online database of parent artists, organizations, and resources.

Artist Residency in Motherhood
A worldwide initiative created by artist, Lenka Clayton, empowering mothers to create their own residency experience.

Artists Raising Kids Compendium
An essay, and summation of a survey and a series of interviews of parent-artists compiled by artist Andrew Simonet.

Center for Parenting Artists
Resources for parent artists

Cultural Reproducers
An online community offering interviews, news, and resources for parent-artists.

Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts
Community, research, convening, and advocacy specifically for parents in the performing arts.

Parents and Residencies
A poster highlighting what residencies can do to support parents and what parents can do to support residencies.

Pen Parentis
An NYC-based community of parent writers that hosts regular salons, and an annual fellowship.