Cultural Reproducers
An online community offering interviews, news, and resources for parent-artists.

Alliance of Artists Communities Residency Directory
A comprehensive residency directory that includes the ability to filter for residencies that offer support for spouses/partners/children.

Pen Parentis
An NYC-based community of parent writers that hosts regular salons, and an annual fellowship.

Artist Residency in Motherhood
A worldwide initiative created by artist, Lenka Clayton, empowering mothers to create their own residency experience.

Center for Parenting Artists
Resources for parent artists

Artist Parent Index
An online database of parent artists, organizations, and resources.

Artists Raising Kids Compendium
An essay, and summation of a survey and a series of interviews of parent-artists compiled by artist Andrew Simonet.

Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts
Community, research, convening, and advocacy specifically for parents in the performing arts.