Statement on Racial Equity

After five years of grantmaking and considerable deliberation, the Sustainable Arts Foundation has decided to promote racial equity in the arts. Starting in Fall 2016, at least half of our awards will go to applicants of color.

We have been motivated in part by the leadership of Grantmakers in the Arts and their compelling 2015 statement, “Racial Equity in Arts Philanthropy.” We are also disheartened by recent current events showing that despite progress, our country still suffers from persistent structural racism.

We have been collecting statistics about the racial and ethnic identities of our applicants for three years. According to this data, roughly 20% of our applicants identify as persons of color (African, Latino/a, Asian, Arab, and Native American). However we have decided that simply matching these statistics is not enough: we will give at least half our awards to these applicants as a commitment to increasing diversity.

In addition, we also intend to more carefully and deliberately publicize our grants to artists and writers of color.

The very specific nature of the Sustainable Arts Foundation, which supports parent artists and writers, makes racial equity all the more important as we help to ensure that our awardees can serve as creative forces both in their communities and in their own families.