Sustainable Arts Foundation
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Spring 2016 Award Winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of our Spring 2016 Awards:

Spring 2016 Awards ($6,000 each)
Radhiyah Ayobami, Nonfiction
Lisa Myers Bulmash, Mixed Media
Carmen Lizardo, Photography
Abby Murray, Poetry
Joshua Rivkin, Nonfiction

Spring 2016 Promise Awards ($2,000 each)
Todd Anderson, Printmaking
Rebecca Grabill, Early and Middle Grade Fiction
Terence Hannum, Mixed Media
Tania James, Fiction
Kim Piotrowski, Painting
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Nonfiction
Maya Jewell Zeller, Poetry
Spring 2016 Finalists
Larissa Bates, Painting
Adriana Carranza, Printmaking
Madeline ffitch, Fiction
Carribean Fragoza, Fiction
Tytia Habing, Photography
Toni Jensen, Fiction
Rachelle Mozman, Photography
Cindy Pon, Young Adult Fiction
Yelizaveta Renfro, Nonfiction
Alyse Rosner, Painting

For more details about our winners, visit our Awardees page.

The Sustainable Arts Foundation is a non-profit foundation supporting artists and writers with families. Our mission is to provide financial awards to parents pursuing creative work.

Too often, creative impulses are set aside to meet the wonderful, but pressing, demands of raising a family. The foundation's goal is to encourage parents to continue pursuing their creative passion, and to rekindle it in those who may have let it slide.