Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please take a minute to read through our frequently asked questions below.
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International Applicants

Are artists living in other countries eligible to apply?
Yes. We have no geographic restrictions on our applicants. This applies both to U.S. citizens living abroad as well as to citizens of other countries.

Collaborators and Joint Applications

May applicants apply for an award jointly? If so, how should collaborators apply?
Yes. Collaborators may apply if they have an ongoing artistic partnership and submit a portfolio of work done together. Our program is not designed to support a future project by collaborators who have never worked together.

All members of a collaborative application must meet our eligibility guidelines: each must have at least one dependent child under the age of 18.

Collaborators should submit a single application with one applicant listed as the primary contact. The answers to essay questions (biography, artistic statement, CV, and future plans) should be written jointly.

Multiple Disciplines

Are artists who work in multiple disciplines eligible to apply?
Absolutely. Here’s what we recommend: if the work is inherently multi-disciplinary (i.e., a book of essays with accompanying photographs), then you should apply with samples from both disciplines. You’ll still be asked to choose one “main” category (artist or writer) to categorize the application.

On the other hand, if the two disciplines are more distinct—you are a poet who paints—then you may consider applying in each discipline separately.


Are applicants who are pregnant, but do not yet have a child, eligible to apply?
First of all, congratulations!

However, you really need to have an “outside baby” to apply. The spirit of our award is to acknowledge the struggle of continuing one’s creative work while raising a child. This is not meant to diminish anyone else’s struggle, nor to suggest that pregnancy itself doesn’t impact one’s ability to work or focus.

Applicants who are expecting should apply after the baby has arrived and inspired all sorts of new and exciting work!

Publications and Exhibitions

Is it a requirement that my work have been previously published or exhibited?
No. That said, our program rewards artistic excellence, and you should only apply with work that is completely polished and of the highest caliber.

Recent Work

Your guidelines ask for “recent work.” What does that mean exactly?
Work produced within the last 2-3 years would qualify. Please also only submit work that has been produced since you’ve had children. We do recognize that everyone’s situation and schedule is unique and also that certain disciplines are more time-consuming than others.


Can I re-apply if I’ve applied in the past?
Yes. If you re-apply, we do strongly recommend submitting at least some new work.

Confidentiality, Privacy and Copyright

Will my application materials be made public?
No. We take confidentiality very seriously. The only people that will see your application materials are the jurors who have been assigned to review it. These jurors are award winners — parent artists and writers themselves — and so they have a built-in empathy towards the needs (confidentiality and privacy among others) of their fellow artists and writers.

No submitted content will be copied or disseminated in any form. The sole exception is that we will, with permission, excerpt samples from award winners on our website.

Do I retain the rights to my work?
Absolutely. All applicants retain complete rights to their work. We make no claim of ownership to your submitted work.

Racial Equity

Why are you factoring race into your decisions?
Please read our statement on our website for more information about this decision.
How did you come up with the categories you’re using on your application?
For the past several years, we have been collecting anonymous applicant data via an optional post-application survey. This survey uses the format and questions of the 2010 Census. On our application, we’re using a newer format being proposed for the 2020 Census which we feel captures the information we desire in a more natural format.
How will this information be used in your selection process?
We remain committed to artistic and literary excellence. Applicants, as always, will be selected on the strength of their submitted portfolios. Information regarding the self-reported racial identity of our applicants will remain anonymous in the early stages of our selection process. We include race as an additional factor in our decision-making only after applicants have already demonstrated their excellence.