Parent-Friendly Residencies


For many parents, the financial, emotional, and logistical demands of raising a family make attending a traditional artist/writer residency program impossible. Since 2013, we have made grants  to residency programs to help them make their opportunities more accessible to parent artists and writers.

We’ve been so encouraged by the organizations that have applied to this program, and we’ve granted $630,000 to over fifty organizations in support of their ideas and innovations.

Eligible organizations can apply to support existing programs, or to modify or create programs that address the needs of parent applicants.

We are particularly interested in what residencies are doing to make their programs more diverse, from their staff to their review boards, and of course the residents themselves.

The goal of this program is not only to reward organizations for original and effective solutions, but to share the results, so that other residencies might learn from them as well.

2021 Residency Grants

We will be accepting applications for our 2021 Residency Grants in the fall of 2020.

For the complete details and specific dates, please visit our application page.

Previous Grantees

Learn more about our previous grantees.


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